Earn CME in the AAPA PANCE/PANRE Review by watching educational and entertaining video lectures and powering through the Qbank. Your AAPA PANCE/PANRE Review subscription offers 1 year of access to all of the video lectures and written summaries plus 1800 questions in the Qbank. The subscription starts as soon as you purchase the review and you'll have full access immediately.

You can earn CME in the AAPA PANCE/PANRE Review two ways: 

  • Watch our comprehensive video lectures 
  • Correctly answer questions in the QBank: For every 12 correctly answered questions, you'll earn 1 CME credit. You can adjust your settings so that incorrect or unanswered questions come up more frequently during your quizzes to continue earning all the available CME. To adjust the Qbank settings, just click on the gear icon at the top of the Qbank page. On the settings page you can choose when to retire questions as well as how often you'd like correctly or incorrectly answered questions to be repeated.

Once you've made it through the AAPA PANCE/PANRE Review, you can claim the CME you've earned and print a copy of your CME certificate. To find it, either click on "View Progress & Print Certificate" next to the blueprint or click on "View and Print CME Credits" from your PA dashboard. If the number of how much CME you have earned is lower than you expected, make sure you have taken the CME Evaluations for each section you have completed. This will update your CME tracker to reflect the correct amount of earned CME.

You can go through the review at your own pace and order and the system will automatically track your progress. If you're looking for a little more guidance, check out our study guide recommendations and other downloadable study resources. While the review is independent and self-paced, we are constantly making updates behind the scenes so you can be sure that you are getting the most up-to-date info while you study.

Unless you decide to renew, your subscription will expire after 1 year and you won't have access to any of the review content. We're always happy to help you get access to get your CME Certificate after your subscription expires - just contact our customer care team. If you'd like to reset your progress in the video lectures or the Qbank, you will need to renew your subscription first. Once you do, please contact our customer care team and we'd be happy to reset your account for you. You can reach us by emailing support@hippoeducation.com or by sending in a contact form through the site.

Want to try things out before committing? No problem! You can start your free trial by going here: AAPA PANCE/PANRE Review Free Trial. Once you get started, you'll have 4 hours to check out the videos and our famous NBME style Qbank questions.